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The CO2 Propaganda Agenda

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CO2 Cycle

COMMENT: You are misleading everyone. Climate Change is real, and the danger is CO2 must be eliminated. Everyone knows that.


Gates Ted Talk CO2

REPLY: Obviously, you just read the propaganda. Do you remember science class? CO2 is vital to the planet. They assume that everyone is a moron. If there were zero CO2, there would be no plant life. You should commit suicide now and save the planet; every breath of oxygen you take in, you exhale CO2. You are the threat they are talking about.

WSJ 2009 Shrink Population

That is why Gates wants to reduce the population. You cannot ever get to zero CO2 without reducing the population. Even the founder of Greenpeace admits this was all contrived as a leftist agenda and that zero CO2 is not attainable.

CO2 Coalition


The United Nations Climate summit was so rigged that it was criminal. Joe Biden rushed to have the USA support this corruption. Not only did the United Nations block countries that it deemed were uncooperative, but NO scientist was allowed to speak to give the other side. This has been a deliberate agenda, which was the prelude to this agenda 2030 for the Great Reset.

You better wake up. You are the problem in their eyes and they intend to keep you locked up, unemployed, and hoping you die to save the planet.