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The Climate Change Conspiracy to Destroy & Rebuild the Economy in their Vision

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The United Nations’ Green CClimate Fund wrote: “The COVID-19 pandemic and the global response required to stem it shows the importance of acting together to solve unparalleled threats to people and our planet. The far-reaching impacts of COVID-19 are a stark reminder of the catastrophic implications the world faces if we don’t.”

Spot crude has fallen to ZERO because this lockdown has destroyed the economy from top to bottom. There is no place to store the oil and the Climate Change conspiracy against the world is jumping for joy. What they fail to understand is the cheap oil makes every other form of energy now TOO expensive.

Their goal to reconstruct the economy without oil wiping out all the jobs in airlines and the auto industry for starters is going to unleash absolute civil unrest. If the governments DO NOT launch serious investigations into this deliberate destruction of the world economy to force the end of CO2, there will be revolutions as long as governments protect these people.


Gates and his co-conspirators are such elitists that fail to comprehend how many people’s lives, pensions, jobs, and healthcare have been wiped out all because of their obsession with CO2. He has admitted that there is no formula that if you lower CO2 to x you will get y temperature. There are plenty of studies that disagree with Gates. He refuses to even listen and assumes the effects will be bad, with no historical data whatsoever. There is NO formula to measure CO2 to predict the climate – PERIOD! Yet he has advocated destroying our economy to further his paranoia about Climate and has advocated reducing the population to achieve his goal.

If a full-scale investigation is NOT launched, we are going to see untold civil unrest sweep the world. So many third world countries that depended on tourism have been wiped out. Reports are already coming in from places like the British Virgin Islands where they are seeking a 7% tax to try to wire money out of the country.

We are facing a UNPRECENTED economic collapse on a grand scale without a full-blown investigation.