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The Climate Change – Al Gore & Jennifer Morgan’s Fraud

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All of the data that these climate activists have been using is an absolute fraud. It is untrue that 97% of scientists agree to any of this nonsense. They create that myth to then bully scientists who dare disagree with their agenda.

Gore Morgan

This is actually criminal behavior and the agenda is Marxism behind the entire plot. They use children like Greta and then Jennifer Morgan proclaimed at Davos that Greta is a climate expert, which is really just absurd at the age of 16.

Greta v Mother Nature

Nobody will dare even question the climate change activists. They are NEVER asked to prove anything they have to say. They are NEVER asked to even produce a list of scientists who can be verified who have agreed with this catastrophic doom. Exploiting a 16-year-old girl so no one will publicly challenge her because of her age is all part of the scheme.

Global Temperature 2500BC 2015

To argue global warming is dangerous is absurd. Just ask yourself: When is the flu season? Summer or Winter? Claiming this is all human-induced is a major fraud in and of itself when measuring the warming coming out of the Little Ice Age. It certainly appears that this is part of the economic decline of Europe that is underway. Then we have economists like Rogoff arguing to tax the West to hand the money to China. That is just an example as to why the West is declining and our computer will be correct — China is emerging as the next Financial Capital of the World. American politics has entered its Dark Age and its inevitable collapse.