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The Atlantic Current if Slowing Down = Global Cooling

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North Atlantic CurrentThe Atlantic current is slowing down dramatically. A team of scientists says it is the weakest in 1600 years. Naturally, they attribute it to humans who are driving their cars and heating their homes which is melting the ice in Greenland and that is fresh water which is lighter than seawater. They are predicting, of course, it could stop altogether in a few decades. The only problem is the classic one. They ignore cycles and assume whatever trend is in motion will stay in motion to the point it will stop completely. If that were the case, then we would probably go into a White Earth Effect and we should be all dead anyhow so perhaps the planet will heal itself when we are all gone. So they are predicting something that has no historical foundation since it has never happened before.

There is a cycle to this as well and, BTW, they are in fact saying that since this is the worst in 1600 years, are they not implicitly stating that there must be a cycle, to begin with?  Our models indicate that there should be an 1800 year cycle (+-3%) and this is indeed also linked to the energy output of the sun, which all these people amazingly ignore and prefer to blame humans for everything.

Day AFter Tomorrow 1024x576We are headed into a new Mini Ice Age and it will continue to get colder and colder, Europe, Japan, China, Canada, and the United States. Our models confirm it is GLOBAL COOLING we must be concerned about for that brings disease and famine. So while governments are just exploiting the global warming nonsense to impose carbon taxes, the real risk to our survival lies in the opposite direction.

The old movie, the Day After Tomorrow, comes to mind. It was a version that was not exactly 100% accurate. The theory was that the polar ice caps melt, flood the world, and then it freezes. Makes for a great thriller, but there is no historical record of such an event since humans were not driving cars back then. Nevertheless, it shows things will get colder, not warmer.