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That’s It – Stop Driving all Cars – Stop Hamburgers – Stop All Work

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Earth _South_Atlantic_Anomaly magnetic_pothole

Obviously, we have caused a hole in the magnetic field that will devastate South America and it must be all our fault for driving cars, heating our homes, eating hamburgers and Nathan’s beef hot dogs, smoking, and going to working even virtually since that requires electricity.

The image above (created by scientists Christopher Finlay, Clemens Kloss, Nils Olsen et al) shows a growing weak patch in the Earth’s magnetic field that is exposing satellites and the International Space Station to greater radiation risks. It appears to have been growing since 1958 and will possibly split into two like an Ameba is a unicellular organism giving birth to a clone. Unlike higher forms of life, amoebas do not need another individual’s genetic material to reproduce. The nucleus of each cell contains the amoeba’s genetic material. First, the genetic material replicates. Then the nucleus divides.

Evil of CO2In my studies of cycles and the universe, there is never something new. It appears to be the same process over and over again. The universe is fractal. This to me appears to be preparing to split precisely as an amoeba which is a single-cell lifeform.

These climate zealots refuse to look at the world that is cyclical in nature and there is no exception. Their forecasts are always linear, and nothing in the world functions in such a manner. They always try to reduce everything to a single cause and effect and that shows their stupidity for everything exists in COMPLEXITY and you can NEVER reduce anything to a single cause and effect. I find their claims of CO2 a clear illustration of their own ignorance.

So has CO2 now caused the sun to have a hole that is shooting out plasma? Or has it only caused the hole on our planet in our magnetic field? We better hurry up and double everyone’s taxes so the politicians can use it to put their kids through college.