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Temperatures are Plunging

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COMMENT: Marty; It’s below freezing in Athens. This is the coldest I have ever felt here in a long time. The average temperature is normally 10°C (50°F). I do not understand how people keep calling this global warming.


REPLY: The data being put out as propaganda has been indexed at a higher base. Without adjustments, the Antarctica, which the Washington Post said was the hottest year, was one of the coldest. Europe went really cold and in the USA, it plunged as well. Even down here in Tampa, Florida it fell to 30 degrees at night. It was too cold to walk around.

The real data is alarming. The plunge in temperatures is happening faster than expected. Not sure if this is a taste of what is to come. Hope the poles don’t flip for we are overdue for that event as well. (See special report on the Maya).

The only way to get honest data is end taxing for global warming. Keep the regulation to prevent spewing out pollution. Let’s be honest. It was the regulations that cleaned the air – not the recent taxes for global warming.  The government has a vested interest in such propaganda and cannot admit the research is bogus without then having to drop the taxes. So it is a one way street. Global warming/climate change = taxes revenue.

Even in economics, government needs a study for every bill they pass like Obamacare. They tell you what the conclusion must be and then hand you millions to support the bill with a predetermined conclusion for a study. You do as they command and you make millions for writing fictional novels regardless of the subject.

The whole system is skewed to corruption. That is why whenever we provide ANY help to governments, WE REFUSE to accept any payment whatsoever. Take 50 cents from government and you quickly find there is a string attached. We have ALWAYS donated our time to all governments and have never taken one cent in return or favors. Governments around the globe come to us all the time when they want to know what is really happening. The “economists” they pay for fake studies they also do not listen to because they know the reality of their forecasts. It’s all just a game. Even when I testified before Congress, the House Way & Means Committee apologized for having to create a panel with these bought economists and put me on last because they had no other “real” people to testify.