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Spain’s Climate Minister Caught Faking Bike Transit for Cameras

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The above video is complete climate propaganda.

The climate zealots are laughing at us from their private jets. They swear doomsday is around the corner and the commoners must abandon all basic comforts to save the world. Their predictions have never come to fruition because they are based on nonsense. Spanish climate minister Teresa Ribera was caught faking a bike commute for cameras, and it is not the first time a climate tzar was caught pulling such an act.

Ribera flew on a private jet to attend a climate conference, where the elite decide what the Great Unwashed should forego. She hopped into a private car and drove 100 meters to the venue. Then, cameras captured her taking out a bicycle to ride the 100 meters to the venue. Pure propaganda.

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The Great Unwashed must blindly obey why the fraudulent rulers mock us. Ribera boarded a private jet 17 times in 2022, costing taxpayers €170,000. She traveled via private jet 16 times in the past seven months, totaling €160,000. Do you think she cares about her carbon footprint?

Ribera is a World Economic Forum proponent, obviously, and participated in the C40 Cities Summit. She supports reducing air travel, meat consumption, and private car ownership. She said all cars must have zero emissions by 2040 to reach decarbonization by 2050. In fact, she believes all gas engines should be banned by 2035. As a former UN climate negotiator, she pressured the EU to abandon the Energy Charter Treaty. She pushed Spain to move away from coal and nuclear energy by 2030. She is simply another deep state minion hoping that the people are ignorant enough to believe that they are responsible for natural changes in the weather. Rules for thee but not for me will be more apparent than ever as we move toward the Great Reset goal.