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Setting the Train Track on Fire

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Hew York Time January 30 1961 Climate is getting colderSo much for Global Warming. We really need to prepare for what happens if we continue down this path of colder winters. The ground freezes and it can freeze even down two-feet. That means good luck on growing anything. It has been so cold, that even the rails for trains broke in three different places between Baltimore and Washington on Thursday. So even trains were delayed or canceled as Amtrak did for trains passing through Chicago.

It has been so cold, the tracks freeze and the only way to switch tracks is to set them on fire. Of course, the tracks themselves were not truly burning. They are made out of steel. The fires in Chicago on the tracks this week show flames smoldering in patches of melted snow around the tracks. The photos look wild and dangerous as if it were some apocalyptic image. The steel does not actually burn of melt. The flames simply keep the ice off the tracks at junctions where they need to switch tracks for trains passing through.

It is time to start SERIOUS investigation into climate change and knock off this global warming nonsense which has been an excuse to raise taxes. A few more years of cold weather like this and you will see severe shortages in food being to emerge for 2024. The previous lowest temperature in all of Chicago history was 27 degrees below zero, which was a record set on January 20th, 1985.  This past week almost broken that record reaching 23 degrees. But the wind-chill factor was certain far worse.