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Redesigning the World – The Great Reset

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Great Reset 3

COMMENT: Melbourne is getting locked down again. 5 million people on lockdown for 6 weeks at least! ‎People will only be allowed to leave home to go to work (if they can’t work online), grocery shopping, or for medical reasons.
‎All because of 191 alleged virus cases.

Catalunya is now mandating obligatory masks even where there are no people. In all public places incl. if you’re the only person there (say in a deserted park or street at a time when there is no one else).
They’re also openly saying masks and “social distancing” will be part of life now for the long term, i.e. forever or until everyone is vaccinated.

Meanwhile, Spain has extended the moratorium on payment of mortgages and rents for another 3 months (until end of September). No doubt they’ll keep extending it much longer than that. So, since March people don’t need to make their monthly mortgage and/or rent payments. In theory, the unpaid mortgage debts are just accumulating and will need to be paid once the moratorium ends (yeah, good luck with that). Rents won’t be paid, obviously, because there is no realistic way landlords could get this accumulated unpaid money from tenants. At present (and likely at least until the end of the year) they can’t even evict any tenant.
So everything will keep getting extended….and everyone will still pretend that once the “virus” is gone (or everyone is vaccinated) things will just switch back on and everything will return to normal.


QUESTION: What about the rest of the billionaires. Can’t they see what these people are up to? Why have they not come to you to try to promote Socrates worldwide?


REPLY: They think the people will simply surrender all their rights, their future incomes, and their assets just as Marx did. This is going to be very critical, for the rise in civil unrest Socrates has been forecasting is becoming obvious to many. The number of inquiries we are getting on a global scale is very interesting, but not the billionaires.

New Green World Order Plank

I have had no inquiries of that sort from the billionaires. You would think that some who are more Libertarian would start to take notice but they are not connecting the dots. I doubt they will notice until it actually begins to threaten them directly. They fail to understand that this is a serious agenda and it is being well-organized and EXTREMELY well-funded.

I would love to hear from some billionaires who are Libertarians — but I am not sure there are any. Most seem to be suffering from a guilt complex of earning too much and think they have to give back to the world by joining this New Green World Order that will ensure their own demise. They do not understand the politics behind the scheme and it will be too late by the time they wake up.