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Reality of Climate Change v People Believe What They Want to Believe

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Global Temperature 2500BC 2015

QUESTION: You have been against the global warming agenda and often say that climate responds to standard cyclical events. Do you have any examples of this?


ANSWER: If you look at the data objectively, you will see that from the great period of monument building during the stone age around 10,000 BC, there was first a Mini Ice Age that began and destroyed much of the rising civilization. But this developed into the Ice Age by 8,000 BC before it bottomed and began to warm again. There were few humans on earth and they were not using fossil fuels. So what you see is an interval of 2,000 years in decline.

Now, look at the Great Depression. That peaked in September 1929 and bottomed in July 1932. Such sharp contractions always unfold in units of 2 to 3. That is what I have always said is the standard period for reactionary trends. Even the Little Ice Age lasted for about 200 years.

There was a reversal of the pole about 42,000 years ago which also seriously altered the climate. The world experienced a few centuries of apocalyptic conditions back then that was triggered by a reversal of the Earth’s magnetic poles combined with changes in the Sun’s behavior. That’s the key finding of our new multidisciplinary study, which was published in Science.

This attribution of the warming period post-Little Ice Age to exclusively human activity and fossil fuels is absurd. We have NOT reached the high during the 1300s insofar as the temperature is concerned. This Global Warming is yet a lower high again which does not speak well of the future for it is pointing to a retest of the Little Ice Age low.

Even here in Florida, when there is a Red Tide in the Gulf which is an alga that kills fish and birds who eat the sick fish, they blame farmers and their chemicals. The first scientifically documented Red Tide episode in U.S. waters took place in 1844 in the Gulf along the West Coast of Florida. Then in 1878, Florida’s worst Red Tide in history was a protracted period of various episodes that continued for 10 years – which was a trend extending beyond 3 years. There are numerous accounts by the Spanish observing Red Tides, or fish kills, during the 17th century. Despite all of these records, the environmentalists insist it is farmers and their chemicals ignoring all historical accounts. People believe what they WANT to believe – regardless of the facts.