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Newfoundland Biggest Snowstorm Even on Record 01/18/2020 on ECM

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30-second timelapse of 24 hours of snowfall in Newfoundland, Canada.

COMMENT: St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada had experienced the most snowfall in a twenty-four hour period on record on January 18, 2000, ECM day.


REPLY: Stay warm up there. Greta thing you should turn off the heat. No worries! I wouldn’t suggest that right. It is curious that it was on the ECM data, but probably more of just an interesting antidote for the books. But this 2020 target is the beginning also of a new Solar Cycle which may be the lowest in at least 200 years and possibly retest the Litlle Ice Age period. Let’s hope this is not a take of every year. It fell to the low 50s here in Florida. Obviously I was mistaken, I should have moved further south to find global warming.