New Jersey Pinelands Show the State was Mostly Underwater Historically

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QUESTION: I too live in New Jersey, hopefully not for long. I put my house up for sale to get out of town between the taxes and the climate turning colder, it’s time to leave. But probably half the state is sand and was obviously under water. When the water rushed into the Mediterranean, the Atlantic would have withdrawn from the coasts. Is New Jersey linked to that event?



ANSWER: Yes. You are correct. They call it the Pinelands because it is sand. It was all underwater at one point in time. There was a substantial decline in the water level of the Ocean and the only thing that would have resulted in such a drop in sea level was the Great Flood that filled the Mediterranean. Of course, the Global Warming people will probably come up with some scenario that humans lit too many fires to stay warm and caused the whole thing.