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Migrating Poles

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COMMENT: Your stance on the global climate is absolutely correct. Global temperatures remain in a serious downtrend since the Minoan peak. As the Greenland ice cores show, today’s climate is COLDER than 90% of the past 10,000 years! The warming zealots are screaming about CO2, which has risen sharply in the last 150 years (well above the long-term trend of the last several million years). But the temperatures are near the bottom of the range of the last 10,000 years! The assumption has been that CO2 causes warming, but if that were true, the data would back it up, and it does not at all. From the Vostok ice core, we know that we remain (very fortunately) in an inter-glacial period, which began about 11,000 years ago, and that the previous inter-glacial ended about 100,000 years ago (that inter-glacial was much warmer than our’s – remains of hippopotamus from that time period have been found in Britain!). We are likely much closer to the end of the current inter-glacial than to it’s beginning, and when it finally runs out of steam the climate in which we have lived will not be seen again for about 100,000 years (and sea level will be 300 feet lower).


REPLY: Generally, most people do not even know that the North Pole moves. If you have ever studied geology, rocks are magnetized to where the North Pole lies when they are formed. We know for a fact that the North Pole has shifted several times in the last 120,000 years. We know that 120,000 years ago the North Pole was in the territory of Yukon in Canada at 63 N and 135 W; then it went to the Greenland Sea at 72 N and 10 E about 84,000 years ago, moved from 54,000 until 48,000 years ago and settle in the middle of Hudson Bay at 60 N and 83 W; it rested there for 30,000 years, then wandered once again from about 18,000 to about 12,000 years ago when it came to its present location. However, there are actually four poles, which most people are never taught in school.

Keep in mind that about 100,000 years ago, homo sapiens arrived in the Middle East and about 50,000 years ago, they arrived in central Asia. Human progress has been to a large extent made possible by the inter-glacial period. Evidence from geomagnetism and continental drift, have failed to explain the ice ages and climatic changes such like the sudden melting of the ice sheets or the violent and rapid extinctions.

Recently F. Barbierio (1999) addressed the pole shift hypothesis by arguing that the Earth’s poles could be rapidly shifted due to the impact of objects from space as small as about a third of a mile diameter asteroid. Former NASA engineer Maurice Chatelain (1988) argued that during the Hudson Bay period (48,000 to 18,000 years ago) the equator was in fact 30 degrees further south in South America. It most likely passed through central Chile and Argentina. Antarctica was most likely free of all ice.

We tend to assume that the way the world is today means it always was that way. Human recorded history is only about 6,000 years. Humanity is nothing within the scale of things regarding geology. So we do not comprehend how fast the Earth can change and we seem to be so arrogant to think we possess even the power to alter the climate if we choose to. The powers that be have been distorting pollution with climate change misleading people for political gain. I lived in London back in 1985. The stench from buses burning diesel fuel was terrible. It would make your eyes water at times. That’s been cleaned up. We all want clean air and water. But do not distort that into climate change when we better be concerned about everything turning much colder. When it turns colder, migration is unleashed and starvation thins the herd. Civilization declines. Right now it is moving toward London and Europe is turning very cold.