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It’s Snowing in Middle East for First Time in History

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COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong, I just wanted to inform you as a loyal reader of your blog, it is snowing here in Kuwait for the first time in history. Your computer is the only non-passionate forecaster I have ever encountered. It relays just the facts without an agenda.

Thank you so much. You have a large group of supporters here in the Middle East.


REPLY: This entire climate change agenda is a hoax. They are not interested in the truth. This is about using climate to restructure society into the one-world order which is why they are supporting Ukrainian Nazis that follow the same beliefs as Adolf Hitler. We have turned 180 degrees from our basic fundamental values.

I am deeply concerned that by calling this global warming and now they are experimenting with shooting particles into the atmosphere to “cool” the planet, we may be pushing ourselves into an ice age much faster than anyone suspects. Napoleon was defeated by a Volcanic Winter. These people are risking the entire planet for several volcanoes erupting, and we may not survive by deliberately shooting particles into the atmosphere. All of this is because our current debt system cannot be sustained.