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It is Snowing in the Desert in Saudi Arabia

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It is snowing a lot in Saudi Arabia. This has nothing to do with CO2. The sooner we start to listen to great research instead of propaganda that has been manufactured to covertly allow the United Nations to dominate the world, which by the way, they have been lobbying for a Carbon Tax worldwide to be paid to the UN.



Meanwhile. even NASA had to admit that just perhaps the Milankovitch orbital cycles may indeed play a role in the earth’s climate cycles. Excuse me, but I really think Biden should be sent back to the basement. What he has done so far by simple decree with respect to climate change denying any hearings in Congress is outright tyranny. I also believe this is bordering on Treason for it is aiding a foreign power, namely the United Nations, to exert power over the entire world economy.

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Those who are determined to crush the world economy because of CO2 have always clai9med that snow in winter does not disprove global warming. They have blamed it still on high levels of CO2. Yet with the lockdowns and the collapse in world GDP by about 10% outside of China, you would think we should then have a mild winter instead of this sever cold. Those supporting climate change are just naive. They may think hedge funds and Wall Street are corrupt, but they better look at the agenda and who will benefit from it. The planet is not in danger of reaching some tipping point. The danger is the advancement of totalitarianism in the name of saving the planet.

UN Chief on Climate Change and his vision for the 2019 Climate Change Summit


U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for a “reset” between the U.S. and China and suggested the U.S. could work with the communist regime on issues such as “climate action.” The UN is firmly behind calling for this Great Reset.


John Kerry is deeply involved with the World Economic Forum which gives Schwab direct access into the White House.

I do not care if we awre talking abot the economy, markets, climate, or science. The world is complex and there is no way to reduce everything to single cause behind every effect.