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How Shipping Pollutes as Much as all the Cars in the World but they are Exempt

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Ships Create Polution

COMMENT: Hi Martin,
Happy Holidays. First of all thank-you, you and Socrates are amazing, I have all the wrong instincts as a trader but since I have been following you I have finally turned that around.
Regarding global warming, I only argument I have found effective when trying discussing this topic is: If it was real, then they would do something about the oil tankers and international ships that create more pollution than all of the cars in the world. They even excluded these ships from the Paris accord, showing that its a tax on the people and that they protect the corporations.

“Countries have committed to reducing their
GHG emissions under the Paris Agreement, which aims to limit global warming to well
below 2°C above pre-industrial levels and to pursue efforts to limit the increase to
1.5°C. Despite international shipping being excluded from the Paris Agreement”
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REPLY: This is a very good point. I see the same strategy that the Democrats use in taxation. They always claim to tax the rich. They are against any flat tax because the more deductions and exceptions encourage political donations for special treatment. Small business pays and the big business escape provided they donate money.