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Half Country under Freezing Global Warming Temperatures

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CNN 2 15 2021 Winter

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong,

I have literally followed you for years (well before your nightmare at MCC in NYC).  I am simply amazed at what you and Socrates have accomplished.

I only know of one person in America that made the bold prediction shown below.  I am amazed, along with all your clients, that you are able to reliably forecast so many issues.  Keep on doing what you’re doing and thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Spokane, WA

Greta v Mother Nature

REPLY: I moved to Florida because of the forecasts of Socrates. What I am trying to show is that a computer, with a database, can forecast the correct trends in everything from weather and climate, to markets, politics, and war. Anyone who knows me, I hate cold weather. I have roamed in the Valley of the Kings when it was about 120 degrees. Everyone else stayed in the hotel, but I traveled that far and I was not about to stay in the hotel. But I have also been to Edmonton when it was -40 below and they could not shut off the cars or they would never start and you could not talk because your teeth would hurt.

So you can bet on one thing. None of these forecasts were ever made with a personal bias. I just hate cold. Turning to global cooling was not something I wanted to see.