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Greenland Glacier has been Growing for the past 2 years & it will Probably end up 3 for 3 when this season ends

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COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong; It is clear that your computer is really amazing. I was just ready how the Greenland Glacier is expanding, not melting. What you have accomplished by seeking to eliminate yourself is really a major contribution to society.

Job well done, sir.


Greenland 2REPLY: Thank you. A number of people have read the same article and have been sending it in. I would like to also thank all the people who have done so and your comments. It is so important to eliminate bias. I moved to Florida trying to find Global Warming. To me, it is just stunning how people do not understand that everything has a cycle from weather to why we must eventually die. The Greenland glacier back in 2012 was retreating about 1.8 miles annually. However, as the climate has been getting colder now for the third year, interestingly enough, and the Greenland Glacier has begun to grow in mass once again.

This is NOT a forecast I want to see happen. I hate cold. So I do not enjoy even having to say see I told you so. Wish I was wrong on this one.