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Germany’s Anti-Greta: Naomi Seibt

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CO2 0.04I find it fascinating how a 19-year-old can do the research that climate change is natural and that whatever impact humans have is negligible. All we have to do is go to the NASA site and look at the current composition of the atmosphere. CO2 is about 0.04%. I just do not see how we need to change the world to save the planet, but like the virus, this too seems to be a sham. It is the third attempt to impose Marxism on the entire world.

Here is another source SPACE.COM

Even Corrupt Wikipedia has it at 0.04%

It does not take much to see that not only is the virus fake, but so is this climate change. I cannot believe that even people like Bill Gates are this stupid. The ONLY rational explanation is this is a real coup to install Marxism to achieve Klaus Schwab’s new world order, and the tech companies will get a piece of every transaction by moving to digital currency and eliminating all paper money.