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Gates – the Forecast

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Gates ECM 1024x843

As I have said, it gives me no pleasure to have to target an individual. I personally feel it is unprofessional, but in this case, Gates has made this a personal vendetta to force the world to comply with his vision using undemocratic means creating a monopoly of the global healthcare system pretending to be the philanthropist when in fact he earns money from many of these ventures for they perform as investments rather than giveaways.

This is the ECM wave constructed from his date of birth in addition to the birth of Microsoft. All his awards and ventures have complied with the turning points on his personal ECM. This is the peak of his eighth 8.6-year wave which hit April 28th, 2020. This is a rather significant turning point and he has really stepped up and came out of the closet so to speak on his desire to usurp the democratic power and to create his New Green World Order. The ideal peak in his power may have taken place on April 28th and that is good news for us. If this proves correct, he should be in for a fall in prestige and power going into 2024.

Even Microsoft does not look good after 2022. It appears that Gates has underestimated the economic damage he has unleashed on the world. To survive, he may have to hide in a bunker for there are people who will hunt him down and not with a pie this time. He has destroyed the future of so many people it is unimaginable. I presume he is just an elitist and thus brain-dead to any concept that is outside of his narrow mindset.

Strategy 2

We must understand what Gates has done to society. He has used scare tactics that if you dare go outside you will die. There are a lot of people naive and are so afraid of death that they have been permanently damaged psychologically. In order to overcome this, we need to expose the very strategy that Gates has used to terrorize the world at large.


First of all, we will see an avalanche of bankruptcies far more than ever existed as a percentage of the economy during the Great Depression. We have now seen 33 million in unemployment claims in 7 weeks. That makes the OFFICIAL unemployment at 20%+. Add the people who are part-time workers not entitled to file claims and self-employed, and our model is forecasting it has exceeded 50 million which puts us at a 30% unemployment level. There are countless jobs that will NOT come back.

1918 InfluenzaHospital


There are people arguing that the 1918 Spanish Flu the economy did not shrink with that pandemic so therefore everything will come back again. They also are claiming, according to a student reporting on his professor’s forecast in economics class, that this is not a liquidity crisis like the great depression or 2008 and thus it will not be as bad. Curious arguments. The problem with them is that the Spanish flu did not produce a recession BECAUSE all the capital was fleeing to the USA because of Europe’s self-destruction.

Secondly, we are in a liquidity crisis that began during the summer of 2019. Nonetheless, this is far worse than just a liquidity crisis, Gates has destroyed the very fabric of society’s confidence and the economy’s ability to function. We are looking at a WAVE of bankruptcies never before witnessed in economic history.

Confidence wide


Public Confidence People

CONFIDENCE IS CRITICAL: It appears that the vast amount of economic damage that Gates has inflicted upon the world, may lead to a host of shifts even in political trends. Gates may have actually destroyed the left and the Democratic Party if Trump plays his cards correctly.

Royal Flush

Trump has a winning hand if he will play it right this time. He is already recognized that Fauci cannot be trusted. Fauci is lucky to be just pushed aside rather than imprisoned, but that may yet come to the surface. Trump MUST simply direct the Department of Justice to investigate all the insider trading. That will open so many doors that the ONLY way to get the economy going again is to DISCREDIT those who have used this fake virus as the next Black Death to really create their Climate Change agenda.

We will not do that fighting on their terms. It is like I ask you the question: So when was the last time you beat your spouse? You will now spend all your effort to prove you never beat your spouse. You can even call them to witness stand and have them sear you never touched them. I just create the doubt by telling the jury they cannot believe that testimony because it was made under duress out of fear you would beat them again. You cannot win the argument.


Just follow the money. We need facts, not conspiracy theories and mine is better than your scenarios.  All the models used and funded by gates should be turned over. The key is to look for the corruption breadcrumbs. All leads that follow the money MUST be tracked and URGENTLY! Under the Prisoner’s Dilemma, they take one and use him to expose everyone else in the chain as they normally do – but FAST! Expose that this has been KNOWINGLY exaggerated.

Trump Strategy COVID


We must discredit the virus for what it really is, a ploy used as a scare tactic for a political agenda. Once that is exposed, every politician who supported draconian lockdown and licked the ground that Bill Gates walked upon will be vulnerable to lose elect come November. The economic stress Gates and c0-conspirators have set in motion will lead to a sharp increase not just in civil unrest, but in suicides and divorce.


2017 Combined Congress Decline of Democrats Socialism


There is an opportunity here to score a very big victory and save the economy. To “flatten the curve” on the downside in the economy, we MUST discredit the virus and Gates. The code of Ferguson is just a simple stochastic which EVERYONE knows is a trend following statistic. It was a joke. Gates donated $79 million for this 15,000 line of code? I will write a program for him one in 2 weeks for the bargain price of just $1 million. If he really wants it to work, the price is $50 million – payment upfront, please!

typing keyboard

We will run the models again with the latest data since the unemployment rate has NEVER risen this fast ever in history. As it stands now, the Democratic Party will split, and this may be along the lines of the virus pitting conservative middle of the road Democrats against the leftist climate change followers of Gates.

Write your Letter

Now is the time to write to every politician. DEMAND an investigation into this virus, and DEMAND to overrule all immunities for the creation of a vaccine. Also, DEMAND that there shall be no mandatory vaccine whatsoever, and DEMAND that all private funding of all health organizations be ended.

Gates Foundation

We must bring Gates’s Monopoly of Global Health Care to an end. DEMAND that the Justice Department investigates the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for non-disclosure of conflicts of interest regarding profits from philanthropic investments, including vaccines, which exposes them to violation of BOTH the Securities & Exchange Act as well as the Sherman Anti Trust Act. All heads of the pharmaceutical companies working with Gates should be included in this investigation as potential co-conspirators.

We need to do this to save our own future, those of our families, and those of the nation no less the entire world.