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EU exempting Private Jets from Climate Taxes

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EU Private Jets

The EU is exempting private jets from Global Warming taxation. Since the elite all have private jets, they certainly can’t possibly restrict themselves. They are the ones the world desperately needs. There were 309 private jets that flew to Davos in 2019. While Schwab says we all must walk to work which is from our bedroom to another room in the house and cannot drive to work, they all can fly private jets to attend his global fest. It is just so hypocritical. Schwab, on the other hand, makes sure he is never photographed how he arrives in Singapore or other places.

Kerry Climate Czar

Schwab has been accused of using the pandemic to usher in a new era where the global elite retains total control over humanity. Exempting private jets seem to be merely a confirmation of that theory is not so far off the mark. John Kerry, our Climate Czar, flies around in his private jet. He can’t possibly be seen flying with the Great Unwashed or have to take his shoes off, be searched, or have to wear two masks. Then the government pays for him to use his own private jet.