Environmental Terrorism

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Woke domestic terrorist groups are permitted to freely operate on Twitter and other social media platforms, even when they call for violence. Adbusters, a self-proclaimed “global network of activists writers artists designers hackers tricksters poets philosophers and punks,” has requested that “activists” begin targeting SUV owners under the Tyre Extinguishers “movement.” These idiots are calling it a “deflating movement” and have justified their actions by saying they are “defending ourselves against climate change, air pollution and unsafe drivers.”

Luckily the group is planning on leaving clear evidence of their crimes at the scene. These terrorists are urging people to begin by targeting wealthy neighborhoods first before disrupting the working class. Their website suggests not targeting vehicles with disabled handicapped stickers.

FOX Business reached out to Twitter to ask why these blatant calls for vandalism and crime are permitted. At the time of this writing, the organization’s page is still online and it hosts over 65.1K followers. They have provided copies of their leaflet in various languages and are hoping this “deflating movement” takes off worldwide.

Their website provides a video on how to delate tires and operate effectively as criminals. They are requesting that people repeat the crime endlessly. Hybrid SUVs are “fair game” too. The majority of people I see driving SUVs have children. These domestic terrorists are going to end up killing innocent people because they’re scared of the big bad car. Law enforcement should begin cracking down on this pathetic movement immediately before we see a string of preventable crashes on the news. At this point, crime is permitted so long as it is within the realm of the leftist agenda.