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Crickets For Protein

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According to World Wild Life, they claim that the production of beef effects “climate change due to emissions of greenhouse gasses such as methane, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide. Research shows that ruminant livestock account for between 7% and 18% of global methane emissions from human related activities.” In February of this year, the US Forest Service had gotten approval to fly helicopters over land in southwestern NM to hunt down 150 cattle from the air and shoot them down. This was said to save the threatened habitats and other species. Cattle is supposedly ruining the environment from bodily gasses that are released and causing climate change but no worries- they have already figured out a solution: crickets.

Northern Italy, which holds the largest Cricket Farm in the country, has figured out how to integrate crickets into foods like pasta, bread, energy bars, and even sports drinks. This is a powder form which the process of this is to just freeze the crickets, boil, dry, and then pulverize. According to the Italian Cricket Farms’ website, “One third of the world’s land is used to produce beef. On average, 200m2 of surface area is used to produce 1kg of beef. For insects you only need 15m2 for the same amount.” You will mostly find this is western societies for now, but I wouldn’t doubt that it starts making its way here. The Climate Change zealots have done studies where “a single burp from a cow releases 220 pounds of methane which is shorter lived than carbon dioxide but 28 times more potent in warming the atmosphere” so we should watch out for the gasses coming from cattle. I wouldn’t be surprised if you found 50% crickets in your hamburger, soon they won’t leave us with much of a choice.