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Climate Crowd Coming for Cooling Appliances

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Global warming cooling climate change

Davos man John Kerry is continuing to “pledge” for stricter regulations on behalf of the people after the United Nations climate change summit (COP28). He already committed $3 billion to eliminating coal and believes emissions could be slashed by 68% come 2050. Now, John Kerry is out to eliminate the energy we use to cool our homes.

The world experienced heat waves throughout the summer months. The globalists like Kerry do not believe that we, the Great Unwashed, should be using energy to cool ourselves. “We want to lay out a pathway to reduce cooling-related emissions across all sectors but increase access to sustainable cooling,” Kerry told COP28. There are now a swarm of articles online about “cooling appliances” as if their existence is ruining our planet. Fox reported that 7% of all greenhouse gas emissions come from refrigerants and energy used for cooling.

First, they came after our technology for heating our homes and food. They want to phase out gas stoves and reduce our heating consumption. Coal has been nearly prohibited, killing an entire sector. We have no alternative to fossil fuel but continue to “pledge” countless net zero measures as if the people had the power to alter the weather.

Kerry Climate Czar

Over 30 million Americans struggled to pay their utilities bills in 2022, with 5 million citizens experiencing a disruption in services as they could not pay their bills.

UAE Sultan Al Jaber declared there is absolutely “no science” behind these disastrous demands to eliminate fossil fuels. Only the Build Back Better countries are adhering to these plans, as nations like China, in particular, have stated they would not participate. They are going to tax us for heating and cooling our homes and food. Soon we will realize that we are the carbon they wish to eliminate.