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Climate Change – Warming is Good – Cold is Bad

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Climate Change 5000BC 2000AD

QUESTION: Do you think that a pole shift will be devastating to society?


ANSWER: No. I think many turn such events into a looming existential threat destined to destroy us. That is probably up there with the Yellowstone Supervolcano. These treasured theories of our impending doom seem to lurk in a myth that some event will kill us all. I am not exactly sure why people tend always to want to create such doom like the Year 2000 computer bug that was going to destroy all technology. There is no evidence that the entire world would be destroyed by such a pole shift. It may be unpleasant for some and suddenly nice for others. But a pole shift is a natural event and may disrupt communications and air travel, but we will adjust.

The same thing when I am warning about Global Cooling. These are events that have taken place throughout recorded history. It was such an event that led to a massive migration south back to North Africa known as the Sea Peoples. This brought about the collapse of the Bronze Age with very few societies, empires or city-states surviving. It was Global Cooling that resulted in the Black Death. When temperatures decline, crops fail and famine rises and with that combination diseases increase. The childish notion that Global Warming will result in the ice melting and sea levels rising is really absurd. It really is when the Arctic Ocean has been free of ice that the water can evaporate and return as snowfall which then builds the glaciers.

Climate has had a very major impact on the history of civilization. We have expanded during warm periods and contracted during gold periods.