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Austria Offers Free Transportation for Tattoos

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Klimaticket 300x206

Notice how all of the voluntary actions connected to the Great Reset include preying upon the young or desperate. These will be the first people to move into 15-minute cities and abide by tyrannical laws in exchange for government aid. They handed out free crypto in Africa in exchange for biometric data, for example. In Austria, the government is offering free transportation to anyone who chooses to tattoo their Climate Ticket (Klimaticket) on their skin as a walking sponsorship for the New World Order.

It sounds like a bad radio marketing gimmick. The Klimaticket grants users access to all public and private transportation for one year at the cost of €1,095. However, those who permanently mark their body with an ode to the Klimaticket will receive free transportation, but only for one year. You’d have to be extremely desperate or stupid to agree to those terms. Austrian Climate Minister Leonore Gewessler said the initiative will help the country grow closer to their goals of the Paris Agreement. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) would like to reduce private car ownership by 16% before 2024, claiming transportation is the largest carbon pollutant.

“Action that gets under your skin,” banners appeared at popup parlors during various summer events. Gewessler had a temporary tattoo inked on her body reading “Gewessler takes the lead.” A look at the comment section shows how negatively this program was received. “For me it really doesn’t make sense at all how you can encourage young people to have political advertisements for the rest of their lives and that has NO consequences for the Federal Minister,” one user on X wrote. “This has been carried out with great care. It is only done during daylight and only offered to people over the age of 18,” Gewessler said, adding that “the people who get the tattoos mostly already have some.”

So, it is ok to permanently brand your body with a message from the government by her standards. NEOS party lawmaker Henrike Brandstötter also bashed the plan. “Offering people money for putting advertising under their skin reveals an unacceptable view of humanity from a government minister,” she declared on X. Again, governments are targeting desperate people who will jump at the opportunity to save $1,180 USD for one year or about three euros per day. They’ve accepted the mark without hesitation.