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3rd Attempt to Publish This Google Interferes

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NASA C2 2015 Cool Atmosphere

COMMENT: You spread disinformation. Climate change exists and if we have to all lockdown to save the planet for two or three years, then that’s what we have to do. You are destroying our future.


CO2 Cycle

REPLY: Thank you for your hate mail. It’s nice to see how easy it is for small minds to follow the propaganda. NASA did a study in 2015 and showed that CO2 was actually cooling the planet. I hate to assume, but perhaps you cut science class? All the plant life around us lives on CO2. If you take CO2 to zero, you will kill the planet.

CO2 0.04

You think CO2 is lethal, yet NASA also shows that it accounts for .04% of the atmosphere. So do you really think this fake crisis is anything more than the COVID scam?

Evil of CO2

Now try to keep an open mind. COVID has a death rate of less than 1% compared to historical plagues that were 30%-50% (even the Spanish Flu was nearly 5%). All the measurements of CO2 show it is minimal in the atmosphere. Yet there is a theory based on another theory that one of the extinctions in the past was caused by CO2, then like any crime, all you need to do is ask yourself is, “Who had the best motive?”

United Nations

Well, the COVID scam was set in motion by the United Nation’s World Health Organization. The climate change agenda was set out by the Paris Accord, also by the United Nations.


Schwab 2030 Overthrow USA 1

So let’s see, the Great Reset being push by mainstream media includes that the US must hand all its power to the United Nations. They are telling you that the ONLY solution for COVID is to convert your home into a prison. Then to save the planet, you end employment that necessitates commuting to end cars and freedom of movement. To save the planet, we need a one-world government that just so happens to be the United Nations. Oh, so convenient.


The former President of France openly said the idea behind the EU and one currency in Europe was this very theory justified as a means to end all wars — ONE GOVERNMENT.


Schwab WEF End of DemocracyTime Great Reset 10 23 2020











So, it is so obvious. I am totally wrong, and the mainstream press that wants you to be converted to an economic slave that obediently follows all orders must be right. They are the press, after all. Anyone who questions this narrative is a danger to society, which is part of their agenda and power grab.

Rise Fall or Empires Climate

Naturally, they are not interested in power. They just want to save the planet. Despite the fact that climate change has ALWAYS existed, amazingly, they have convinced you not to look at history and listen to only what they say.

Climate Change 5000BC 2000AD

OMG! There has been a cycle to climate? I guess you cut that class or slept through the account of previous ice ages. How did the planet ever warm again without soccer moms driving their kids to school?

Ice Age Chart Ice Ages

Paleoclimatology is the study of ancient climates prior to the widespread availability of instrumental records. Perhaps if you did not know that climate had been cyclical long before human settlements, you need to start reading other than their propaganda. I suggest “Generalized Theory of Global Climate Change,” published in 2002 by Barry Saltzman. There is absolutely NOTHING in the data that suggests anything other than a normal cycle. Sorry, but they are using climate change for a political agenda just as they have exploited COVID.

IMF Coin

The end goal? The United Nations and its divisions (IMF, BIS, World Bank, WHO, etc.) will rule the world. They even allowed bitcoin to flourish to sell you on the idea that cryptocurrency is the way to go. Of course, they are already developing their digital currency and want it to replace the dollar and become the world currency.