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The Failed Promises We Made to the Youth

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The video above is an accurate depiction of how Millennials and Gen Z are operating in today’s economy. They were told that working hard and obtaining a higher education could afford the American Dream. Instead, they are unable to access home ownership, begin families, and are crippled by debt. Analysts now seem perplexed at the birthrate crisis and why the younger generations are not having families. Those unfamiliar with stark differences in the cost of living over the last few decades do not understand that the promises made to the younger generations were built on lies.

The ad above was put forth by Coinbase, and while I have explained that crypto is NOT the solution, I do believe the solution will begin when the younger generations rise up. Those in Congress will not live to see the implications of the bills they pass. Once upon a time, a family could live comfortably on a salary of one. The head of the household need not have an extravagant job to support a family, as a worker at a factory could manage to supply his family with all they needed.

1940s MiddleClassFamily

Even in 1985, when the average person in the Baby Boomer generation turned 30, the average home in America was $82,800. In 2019, when Millennials turned 30, the average home price soared to $313,000. Gen Z is looking at a home price over $400,000. Now, the average income in the 1980s was around $23,464, meaning it would only take a few years to pay off a home that continued to appreciate in value. Yet we must factor in everything such as the price of tuition, inflation (goods, food, energy), the need for dual income and childcare services. There are endless variables but it all leads to a dead-end American dream for the youth.

This year, 2024, begins a sharp change in sentiments and a directional change followed by a major turning point in 2025. I have not seen the computer project something like this since 1985. Four of six models show a Trump victory, but the establishment simply will not let him win. Neither side will accept defeat, and we are looking at massive civil unrest paired with a war that will likely escalate over the summer months prior to the election that may be the last election held in the US. The computer shows real GDP in the US will decline into 2028, and inflation will rise due to international wars that produce absolutely nothing.

The Great Reset set for 2030 is NOT the solution, and their plan will fail. The world will change by 2032, but not due to the Great Reset. We are looking at the collapse of republican forms of government. By the time we get to 2032, that will be the light at the end of the tunnel. The USA will eventually break into three primary regions: 2) the South & Midwest Bible Belt will join together against, 2) the Northeast, and 3) the Pacific States will be their own la-la-land. The volatility will begin in 2024, but by 2032, the United States of America will not exist as it does today. The dollar will no longer be the reserve currency, as the yen will take its place. This does not mean that the world is ending, but rather, revolution is coming as the current system is collapsing before our eyes.