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Why The USA is Collapsing

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Brett Michael Kavanaugh

Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh spoke at a judicial conference for the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which hears appeals from Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Justice Kavanaugh said that unpopular rulings tend to become the fabric of constitutional law, pointing to the unpopular decision at the time in Brown v. Board of Education, which held that separating children by race in schools is unconstitutional. This is often the case, but the nation has become so polarized that you immediately see today, when a Judge rules, they turn to who appointed him to the bench. The presumption is that they rule not according to the Constitution but according to the political party that they are affiliated with.

The Hole MCC

Justice Kavanaugh made it clear that his family receives 24-hour security protection since, in 2022, a California man traveled to his house with alleged plans to assassinate him; outraged over pending decisions in cases dealing with gun rights, he wanted to see terminated and abortion, which he viewed should be allowed at any time before birth. Such issues have been so polarized by the press that the underlying security in this country is under assault. COVID unhinged a lot a people for a fair amount cannot withstand being locked down even in their home. That is why, in prison, they routinely throw people in what inmates call the “hole” to break them down mentally and force them to plead guilty when they lack the evidence for a fair trial.

Kavanaugh v Ford

Protesters also gathered outside Kavanaugh’s home following the high court’s ruling in 2022 overturning Roe v. Wade, which had given women a national right to abortion and sent the issue of abortion back to states to decide. Let’s make it clear: the Constitution says nothing about the right to have an abortion, and this is how the question of murder takes on a gray area. When is killing the unborn murder?

2009 Ginsberg Eugenics

These people seem to think their view of the world should be forced upon the rest, and that is certainly not the foundation of civilization, where it ONLY works when we all benefit. Those who have been so intent on abortion rights lack the intelligence to understand that they are merely pawns in a chessboard game to reduce the Population carried out by the Gates and Rockefeller Foundations. Justice Ginsberg, who was appointed to the Supreme Court because she was a woman’s advocate, made it clear that Roe v Wade had NOTHING to do with a woman’s claim right to kill her unborn; it was about population control, telling women it was their right – and they got away with it. She made that clear, which was reported in the press when they were not so antagonistic to the truth.

Justice Kavanaugh told federal judges: “Stay as far away from politics as possible.”

“It’s an everyday thing. I don’t think it’s a ‘flip the switch.’ It’s showing up every day in the courtroom

and trying to be respectful of the parties in a way that is clear and understandable.” 

I was offered the job of Chief Economic Adviser in the Bush, Jr. White House. I declined. Because we have offices around the world and I have advised Japanese and German automobile companies, it was plain to me that going before the Senate for an approval hearing means that they would call me a traitor because I advised non-Americans. Our staff is of every ethnicity, race, religion, gender, and persuasion, straight/gay. We are like a mini-UN where everyone gets along and brings their culture to the table. When you deal with politics, you are just the hated enemy of the opposite view.

I know others who have turned down job offers at the Federal Reserve and other institutions. If you are married with children, it is no longer a question of your personal career desire—shall you put your children at risk in school because of a parent’s political affiliation?

This has gone way too far. A nation this divided by such hatred cannot possibly stand.

Lincoln House Divided