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What Kind of American Are You?

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What Kind of American Are You

This new movie coming out in the Spring of 2024 by A24 will be a blockbuster. The line “What kind of American are you?” is such a profound question that illustrates the deep division within this country. Historically, the army will split and choose sides. The proposition of the Great Taking is really a misconception of history and the confiscation of gold. If the government took everything from everybody, they would be overthrown instantly. The only way the government would survive is with the army. Strip them also of assets and their families, and the government will fall.

Yeltsin Tank

However, the greater risk is the deep division that will erupt after the 2024 election, pitting left v right, and that alone would turn bloody. However, even that is not the greatest risk. The government could bring in troops from the UN and NATO, just as in the NIKA Revolt. The Russian coup failed when Yeltsin stood on that tank, and the soldiers did not fire on their own people. The political solution is to have foreign troops who would have no problem killing people.

Killer Robots

That is also why the government wants automated drones and robots. They will follow orders and kill indiscriminately. Without military force, governments collapse. They know that. They teach the NIKA solution in political parlance.