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We Are Winning

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In Romania, 70% of the people remember communism and authoritarian rule. They have REFUSED to take the vaccine and the government has been forced to back down. This video is NOT related to this news, but it merely shows that massive protest about corruption previously. Romania has shut down 117 vaccination centers. The Romanians are showing the world when you understand what Marxism did before, you see it coming again. We have a lot of readers in Romania, and thank you for all the emails. You are a beacon of light in a world of darkness.



In Australia in Melbourne (Victoria), truckers were protesting and the ruthless police who support tyranny were chased away. They came back armed and shooting at the truckers.



Some police think this is fun. Many people comment that the people who often became police were the bullies in high school. I know some who took the job simply for the py and were not the bully type. They should realize that as we head into 2022 and the police continue to support what is becoming a deliberate takeover of the economy to redesign it in the image of the Great Reset, the Great Unwashed will start turning violent and we should expect them to start killing these police who like Nazis will claim they are just following orders.


As we approach 2022, that is where their window of tyranny closes. This will end either bloodless as in Russia in 1991 when Yeltsin stood on the tanks and told the military not to fire upon the people and they stood down taking the government with them. If the police do NOT switch sides, then this will turn violent and they should tell their families that they are prepared to surrender their lives so Bill Gates can make more money by bribing politicians to force the people to take his vaccines. There is little hope of fair elections from here on out. So be prepared for rigging the game full boat. In some countries, we will see the military come to the aid of the people and kill the corrupt police forces.