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Ukrainian Refugees in Munich – A Real Crisis

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COMMENT: Hi Martin,

I live in a commute in Munich in a nice neighborhood, I pay around 700 EUR rent for the smallest room, but we have a garden – and live with a few Ukrainians. They are very nice, seem like reasonable folks.
What I’m worried about though is the refugee system we have in place here in Bavaria. I wanted to move to another room, but I couldn’t: was kind of too expensive, 800 EUR/month. Guess who took it, another Ukrainian – of course, the state is paying it (“Arbeitsamt”). The crazy thing is that I’m having trouble with inflation and because I additionally have to pay taxes so that Ukrainians can live in the most luxurious room of the house for more than a year already. I would have no problem supporting them for a few months. But the thing is, a year has passed and they don’t even bother to search for work. They just go to German classes a few times a week. And spend most of the day talking and chilling in the kitchen. All of that while Munich is desperately searching for labour.

I also heard from sources, that they don’t really seem to be interested to work. A contact of mine offered them work, but they told him they can’t, as they are too busy learning German. Which I don’t understand, I see them all the time having fun in our kitchen. They don’t even really seem to learn German, one of them can’t say more than “Guten Tag” after one year of German classes…
Additionally, it seems like they are getting money from the state for leisure. As far as I have seen, they already went more often for traveling this past year through Europe than me. What I don’t understand, they also seem to be traveling back and forth to Ukraine to visit friends and family. I don’t get it, I thought that country was at war.
All in all, I think it’s good to help refugees. But when I have to suffer so that I can pay them to rent the best rooms in the house, while they have fun and are chilling in the kitchen, travel around Europe, even go visit their family in Ukraine while at war, and all that for more than a year, then the system doesn’t seem to be very fair to me, something doesn’t add up.

Refugee Protest

REPLY: I am getting emails from all over describing the same problem. First, it was the pretend Syrian Refugees. The government even paid for them to take vacations. It just seems that we have the MOST unqualified people in governments everywhere. In France, it is merely the extension of the Yellow Vests, not simply about pensions. We see turmoil in Canada, and even in Britain. These countries treat their own people like slaves. The Biden Administration only wants to raise taxes on Americans to pay for funding the entire Ukrainian government paying all salaries of government workers and their pensions! Why would Zelensky ever want to seek peace if the money stopped flowing as a consequence?

We seem to be building into what the computer has been forecasting – a major wave of Civil Unrest on a global scale in the West.