Twitter Bans Dr. Robert Malone The Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Technology

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Twitter on Wednesday banned the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, Dr. Robert W Malone after a claimed “misinformation reporter” named Josh Kelety claimed Malone misled people by claiming the vaccines are failing against the Omicron variant. These pretend self-anointed “misinformation reporters” who have no medical background are themselves obliterating the truth and are sending the nation cascading into what will ONLY be resolved by violence probably in the form of civil war.

William Shakespeare in his Henry VI play wrote about the revolution over taxation. One of his most famous lines has always been: “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” Actually, back then, there were no private lawyers. What they were referring to were the King’s prosecutors who were confiscating people’s houses for unpaid taxes.

Already, military generals are warning that the United States may be thrust into civil war in 2024 over the elections. The Biden Administration is acting like tyrants and actually believes that they can use these fact-checkers and Big Tech to eliminate the Constitution and usher in the new age of Schwab/Marxism. This agenda is out to destroy our way of life all because governments have been borrowing since World War II with no intention of paying anything back and the only path to reform they see is totalitarianism. They are seeking to divide the country by race and class which they think will prevent the overthrow of the government. But this is seriously flawed. It inspires civil war.

This is why they called the January 6th protest on Capital Hill an “insurrection” without any force of arms. They are so desperate to suppress the people for once they wake up, it will be as it always has been – revolution and civil war. This tyranny will by no means prevail. Our computer has been forecasting the period well in advance. This is not my personal opinion. It is simply how society has always unfolded for thousands of years. This entire effort will fail and the end result will be civil war. You cannot strip the people of their liberty. This is not Russia where there were serfs who owned nothing to inspire them to storm the rich and seize all their wealth. This time it is different.



This nonsense of a one-world government will eliminate war was the inspiration to create the European Union. This is absolutely absurd. There was one government during the Roman Empire, that did not prevent civil wars. The Republic died when Caesar crossed the Rubicon on January 10, 49BC because the Senate was in the hands of an oligarchy as we once again find ourselves. That war ended in 45BC and lasted about 3.5 years.

That was followed by the assassination of Caesar on March 15th, 44BC unleashing the dogs of war that ended with the battle of Actium between Octavian and Mark Antony/Cleopatra in 30BC lasting just over 13 years.

In 68AD, the rebellion of General Vindex in Gaul broke out, which later inspired General Galba to rise up in Hispania. Facing assassination, Nero committed suicide on June 9, 68AD.  His death ended the Julio-Claudian Dynasty, sparking another period of civil wars known as the Year of the Four Emperors. On July 1st, 69AD, the legions of Alexandria, Egypt, proclaimed him emperor, and the legion on the Danubian from followed and they invaded Italy defeating another contender Vitellius. Vespasian reached Rome in 70AD.

Over 118 year period, there were 3 civil wars. Rome entered a stable period which lasted until the death of Marcus Aurelius in 180AD. The assassination of his deranged son, Commodus, in 192AD, unleashed another civil war after the Praetorian Guard assassinated the appointed emperor Pertinax and auctioned off the throne to the highest bidder who was Didius Julianus (193AD) who bid 25,000 sestertii per man. His buying the throne set off a civil war and his reign lasted just 66 days.

When Caracalla was Assassinated by the Praetorian Guard on April 8th, 217AD, once again political instability emerged. That lasted until he was defeated by another revolt when Elagabulus was hailed Emperor on May 16th, 218AD.

The reign of Elagabalus came to an end when he and his dominant mother were assassinated and their bodies were dragged through the streets of Rome in celebration. He brought a black meteorite from Syria and erected a temple and called it the stone from god trying to change the religion of Romans. He would parade it in a chariot for all to see. Yet to avoid a civil war, they hailed a relative Severus Alexander to the throne.

The frequency of emperors being overthrown only increased into 284AD. There is no way a one-world government will ever end war. We have 13 years into 2032 and by then the corruption we see from Big Tech to Fact-Checkers, Mainstream Media, will only intensify. They will turn the screws ever more in hopes of winning this battle. But they will fail. There will be no new world order of Schwab/Marxism in our future. But the resolution to prevent it will, unfortunately, end up in violence. This we cannot escape.

Sadly, we could have avoided this had the government taken the high road and saved the nation rather than their personal desire for power. History repeats BECAUSE the passion of those in power never change throughout the centuries. To those in Pfizer, Twitter, CNN, YouTube, and Google, you will fail and it may be your bodies drug through the streets in celebration of ending tyranny so have so eagerly endorsed.