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The Sheep Awaken – Thank You Truckers

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The FAKE MEDIA has been supporting Trudeau which is really supporting the take over of Canad by his mentor, Klaus Schwab, and his World Economic Forum. Some people have put out that the trucks are driverless and companies just sent them there but there are no people driving them. They are willing to say anything to pretend the people are not rising and their divine government is always correct and above all possible corruption.


I have heard from numerous people on the ground and many are now bringing food because of the communistic policies adopted by GoFundMe. Personally, I will NEVER donate a dime to anyone on GoFundMe. Find an alternative real service that is not against the people.

Truckers Canada

We can not save our future with silence.

Here is a piece penned by someone living in Ottawa –

A night with the untouchables