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The Risk of Violence is Increasing – A Day of Global Protests

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These people have put themselves out there and just like there were attempts to kill Hitler, there will no doubt be someone or more than one who attempts to kill Gates or Schwab. You cannot turn the world upside down and expect people to accept it. Karl Marx’s idea of you will own nothing and be happy, led to the death of over 200 million people. There have been those who wondered if someone had assassinated Hitler, look at how many others would have survived.

Even journalists had better think twice about supporting this Great Reset. They too are putting their lives at risk and those of their families. All it takes is one person who has lost everything to go rogue. Now that we entered 2022, the risk of more violence has only increased.

Today has been a massive day of civil unrest globally. Politicians had better begin listening to the people rather than to Gates and Schwab. The fact that to even see any protests, we must turn to Rumble for YouTube is just part of the propaganda.