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The Rising Great Divide

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Question Your Change to Speak

Your last post rings so true. Which why I feel a bit hopeless about CA. Florida, with DeSantis leading is definitely heading in the right direction.

My step, father-in-law is a living example of what you talk about. He is overweight, diabetic, double vaxxed, masked, drives an electric hybrid car, and a staunch Democrat who voted for Biden. I sent him the link to the U.K. daily mail Hunter Biden expose saying that his vote brought that filth into the White House, and he just exploded about how Trump was racist, Trump this, Trump that…. it was never about whether Biden was any good.

He cared not in the least that small businesses, such as mine were shut down last year, or that my kids were kept out of school. He went out of his way to argue that masks prevented infection and the spread of covid. He encouraged people to get tested for covid, and got double vaxxed himself. He uses CNN as a source of “authority”.

And to think that his family fled communist China, and then to see him acting this way is just really mind boggling. You cannot argue with a 60+ year-old man, you just cannot no matter what evidence or counter-arguments you present.

Somehow the double vax did not kill him. I wonder if he will get his booster soon.

Thank you.

REPLY: I had dinner with a friend who brought his son, who was recently married. His wife just completed her degree to be a teacher. All I said was, “Well, stay clear of California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. Their pension systems are crumbling.” She responded, “Oh you’re an anti-vaxer.” At no point in the conversation did we talk about politics or vaccines. It seems this vaccine is now defining those who see the loss of liberty compared with those eager to hand over all their rights to get people they disagree with. I think I have a right to live in a free country. They seem to disagree; I should not have any rights if I do not agree with their position. This is the evil of the left who will never live in peace. They have no idea what liberty even means.