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The Rising Civil Unrest Thanks to WOKE

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2023 July Jeff_Bezos_Washington_Post_Lose_100_Million

Indeed, Go Woke = Go Broke. Bezos is going to lose $100 million with the Washington Post, which has also lost its mind trying to move so left, they are losing readership every day. One has to wonder when those in the media will wake up and realize that such things as family values exist. The businesses that have embraced WOKE are being targeted, and rightly so. You do not use your business to push an agenda.Paine on Govt

People ask me to write about one religion v another. We have readers of every faith, ethnicity, race, and gender. We share a common bond. Government is ALWAYS the enemy throughout recorded history. That is why there are so many revolutions.

This entire WOKE agenda is undermining the very fabric of civilization. It is dividing the people into groups so we do not join together to see the common enemy. While all of these people seem to be so caught up in patting each other on the back for their anti-Democratic, anti-family, and anti-culture positions, they have failed to comprehend that they are really creating discrimination against the Gay community by pushing this transgender promotion without ever looking at the consequences. Those who identify as transgender are less than half a percent of society. Yet they demand to be called a woman, and everything else must change for them. That is reverse discrimination.


PM Trudeau of Canada is obviously unable even to understand the problem. You cannot be pro-Transgender & pro-women’s rights simultaneously. The two have become mutually excludable. As I have said before, Thailand is the sex-change capital of the world. There are plenty of Transgenders there, and there is no discrimination. The difference is that the Transgenders call themselves Ladyboys – they do not demand that women can no longer be identified, and mothers are just birthing machines – nothing more. So what is next? Mother’s Day will become offensive to someone, so we must change it to birthing person’s day?



In pushing the transgender mantra, they are discriminating against women. Girls are losing in every sport because some guy, who can’t win in a male competition, claims he is now a woman and comes in first. Mothers are no longer a mother because they are just birthing machines. Then we have a Supreme Court Justice who claims she cannot define even what a woman is anymore.

2023_ nj Gov._Murphy_Defends_Lawsuit_to_Block_Parents_From_Knowledge_of_Kids_Gender_Tran

The Blue States have lost their minds. Thank God I left New Jersey. Contributing even 10 cents in taxes to this state is so offensive, for they have abused their power and are tearing down the family unit. This government is blocking parents from knowing that a minor has been manipulated into thinking they should change their gender. When I was just a teenager, I started smoking because everyone else was doing it. You do things at those ages to prove yourself for manhood. I lost a friend in 9th grade to alcohol poisoning because drinking was cool.  If someone should nude photos of someone under 18 and talk about having sex, you would see them charged with child molesting. Is it OK for teachers to indoctrinate children at such a young age and then hide it from their parents?

I am sorry. These people are SICK. They are making it highly dangerous for simply gay people, who are all starting to be thrown into this same category because our politicians have lost their minds.