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The Movie – Civil War #1 at the Box Office for 2 Weeks Running

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Alex Garland’s films have vividly come across the screen. In the virus pandemic (2002’s “28 Days Later”), the stunning yet uncontrollable artificial intelligence robot (2014’s “Ex Machina”), and, now in his latest, “Civil War,” Alex Garland’s interesting if not fascinating American dystopia has remained the top film in theaters for its second week of release. The release date was April 12th, the day the American Civil War began in 1861. So, there is a lot of thought behind this film.

Republics exist disintered judgment

The movie Civil War is a spectacular viewing experience with amazing special effects. It truly feels and appears to be real, which would be utterly terrifying to some in Washington who realize that all republics die by their own hand of corruption, which leads to civil war and revolution. They should be worried, for Republics Survive ONLY in the shadow of Disinterested Judgment. Once the government pursues its own self-interest, the die has been cast, and it is only a question of time, which, in this case, is 2032.

There is a reason people are flocking to see this film: We all see the same divisions emerge in real life. While the film does not define why this has unfolded, the scene’s question, “What kind of American are you?” strikes at the very heart of our present crisis. It merely reflects that there is a LEFT and a RIGHT, which takes place in every country. You never see 100% approval of a leader, no matter what nation you look at.

Everyone knows that the prospect of the United States entering into civil war after this election is a genuine threat. We are all scared of what’s become of our once-great nation, under God, and liberty for all, who, just looking at the trials against Donald Trump, confirms there is no longer the rule of law. If Putin were arresting protestors who stormed the Kremlin and imprisoned some for 20 years, we would call him a tyrant. Yet the press does not defend any of the January 6ers, even a 71-year-old lady who was there for a few minutes Biden wants to imprison. These prosecutors in Washington have sold their souls and have no regard for the country or their own families. They cannot see that they are tearing out of the threads that bind our nation together.



The brilliant and masterful aspect of this film is that none of the politics matters. This film shows the reality of war itself, in which the only issues are power and control. No political agenda declares that one side is honorable and the other is evil. In a Civil War, both sides always believed they wore white hats and were honorable champions. This is how Germany was—everyone, from the military commanders, was just doing their jobs. This is what makes civil wars function – just get the other guy.

Anyone who says this is not realistic because, in the film, Texas and California are in a coalition to usurp their independence and control from D.C. is really irrelevant. True, it would be Texas against California today. Yet, they would ban together if both sought to secede but for their own different reasons. They both would join together in a partnership to secede from central control and go their separate ways. That is not so unrealistic. The Soviet Union broke up, and they all agreed on that for different reasons, and everyone went their own merry way.

Commentators have noted that the president in the film has Trump-like qualities, desperately trying to portray what would happen if he wins. Quite honestly, it does not matter who wins; Biden has been the dictator with his WOK agenda, climate change, and prosecuting Trump. This is what causes nations to collapse. We are entitled to state’s rights, and if one state wishes to restrict abortion for their religious culture, it is wrong to demand that they must yield to yours.

The film was good enough, and I will go see it again.