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The Key How to Create a Bloodless Revolution

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Bloodless Revolution

I have previously explained that I was advising some people in Ukraine on how to turn their revolution into a success. I had explained that the turning point requires convincing the army/police to turn against the government because they inevitably get drunk with their own power and PRESUME that they are the true creator of civilization when historically they are always its destroyer.

Paine Common Sense

Judge IllegalIt was Thomas Paine who wrote Common Sense which finally turned the tide of opinion against Britain to support the American Revolution. To this day, Edward Snowden remains in Russia because the government claims that he is a traitor NOT for doing anything against the people/society, but for informing the people/society that the government was acting illegally. This illustrates precisely the same evil of which Paine wrote about.

In the case of Ukraine, Yanukovich was bringing in Russians from Eastern Ukraine to oppress the people in Kyiv. I stressed that they needed to divide and conquer turning the police against the Eastern Ukrainians. Once that took place, this is how a BLOODLESS Revolution unfolds.

We are witnessing the potential birth of a BLOODLESS Revolution in Serbia (former Yogoslavia) as Serbian paratroopers have refused to take action against their own people on the orders of the government. This is our MAJOR HOPE. We need at some point to turn the police & army against the tyrants who seek to oppress the people and destroy our future and that of our children in the name of Marxism. When that day arrives, victory is at hand.

Political Revolution

There are just four major historical examples.

  1. When Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon, the people cheered and they opened their gates welcoming Caesar against the oppressive corruption of the oligarchy headed by Cato and championed by Cicero. It was Cicero’s writings which were the FAKE NEWS of the day and unfortunately, even Shakespear believes Cicero’s propaganda. Caesar forgave his enemies and when he entered Rome, the Oligarchy had fled because the people turned against them.
  2. The 1991 Russian Revolution when Yeltsin stood on the tanks and asked the troops not to fire on their own people. That succeeded and Communism collapsed.
  3. Venezuela the troops turned against their own people and killed them in cold blood to support the Marxist government and hence no revolution has been possible.
  4. The Nika Revolt where the local troops would not defend the Emperor and support the people. The Emperor calling in foreign troops to massacre the people who were Greeks and despised as elitists by the foreign troops.