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The Family Divide

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Family Break Up

COMMENT: Martin,

I am at least thankful that my family is not divided over Trump, and they are starting to believe Socrates’ forecasts for 2032.

Oddly, my youngest son, who is often loud and obnoxious, will vote for Trump because he does not want war.  However, he doesn’t like Trump because Trump is not as “reverent” as he would like in a president.  My daughter-in-law told asked him, “Oh, you don’t like him because he is too much like you to be president”?

Everyone had a laugh over that, even my son.


REPLY: Well they do say you hate in others what you hate in yourself.

I dofind this interesting that inside the USA it seems to be Trump. In Europe, it seems to be COVID and Climate Change. The net result is still the same. This does seem to be part of the Civil Unrest Cycle.