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Texas Can Survive as the Lone Star State

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Most importantly, Texas has oil, gas, and refining capacity and would continue to produce and refine fossil fuels. Without Texas, the United States would not be able to wage war, lacking the energy to fuel its tanks. Texas could stand on its own, and to ensure energy, other Red States would join hands against Washington.
Energy Crude Production by State USA
There is rising sentiment toward separation due to the Biden Administration’s abuse of executive orders. The Biden Administration thinks executive orders are the way to change the character of the United States without the people’s consent. Truman seized all the steel mills without statutory authority using an executive order that the Supreme Court reversed. We have so many violations using executive decrees without statutory authority, circumventing Congress and the people. The abuse of this power is causing severe discontent. People are talking about separating, even in Florida. When historically a centralized government seeks total control, it collapses like the Soviet Union. Most people do not know that Lenin wanted to copy the United States, whereas each province retained its sovereignty. Stalin poisoned Lenin and his wife and usurped total central control. Biden has endangered the survivability of the United States. Washington cannot override the sovereignty of the states.
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