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Secret Service to Investigate Madonna

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If any of us said we wanted to blow up the White House, we would be in jail for at least several days if not charged criminally with conspiracy. Madonna, wearing her black pussy power hat, told the crowd that she had thought about “blowing up the White House.” Her language was foul, and she used the f-word so often that the TV stations had to apologize since this was a live broadcast. All the stars who appeared at this march have contributed to the destruction of the United States. The trend has been set in motion. There will be no turning back.


The Secret Service is now compelled to open an investigation on Madonna. She should be treated no differently than anyone else. The worst part of this is that she can inspire others to actually try to assassinate Trump. This is indicative of the huge divide in the country that will ultimately lead to civil war. The uptick in civil unrest will be the greatest spike we have ever seen in the United States from the left. The risk of the United States being overthrown by a foreign government is zero — our doom comes from within. This will make the race riots of the 1960s look calm, for this is beyond the inner-city limitations.