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Refugees Gang Rape Swedish Girl & Broadcast on Facebook

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Sweden Gang Rape

Many people in the United States are outraged that Trump is requiring people from certain Muslim countries to be cleared before entry. Yet, these people are clueless. Even Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright who wants to defend immigration fails to get the issue. In Sweden, three refugees gang raped a girl for three hours and broadcast their crime in a live stream on Facebook.

Europe allowed single males to pretend they are children to get in and have created absolute chaos. Sure there are legitimate refugees. There should be some common sense here. No single males should be allowed unless they are OBVIOUSLY really children. Families are one thing. Trust but VERIFYAlbright, who stood and said women must vote for Hillary because she is a woman, is an absolute disgrace. She said she will register as a Muslim. Big deal. What stupidity. If she were born here that is not even in question. For a former Secretary of State not to understand the difference between someone born here and an immigrant, well then she was never qualified to have ever held that job. These are the people she is defending? What about the 2000 refugees who sexually assaulted 1200 German girls on New Year’s Eve? Whose rights does she stand for? What is wrong with verifying people?

Refugees WelcomeHow many people would feel comfortable with their daughters being on a plane with a bunch of young males from these countries? If they want wholesale immigration with no verification, go to Germany. Merkel will probably lose the election because of this issue. I have personal friends in Germany who are school teachers who are scared because there are males clearly in their 20s pretending to be 16 in school. There is no common sense and political correctness has placed a culture at complete risk.

It seems that those who supported Hillary lash out at Trump for anything he does without any common sense whatsoever simply because they feel they must disagree with everything he does. Trump also wanted to make mandatory maternity leave. I suppose the women protesters will flip this into, “See, Trump wants us all to be barefoot and pregnant.” It’s just getting pretty insane. These people are tearing the country apart and are not interested in coming together. They are determined to take the country down into civil war.