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Peaceful Resistance is Not Futile

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The NYSE is closed today in remembrance of Martin Luther King Jr. King was a firm believer in peaceful resistance as a means to bring about social change, and he consistently emphasized the importance of unity and brotherhood among all people.

King’s philosophy of nonviolent resistance was inspired by figures such as Mahatma Gandhi, and he believed that love and compassion were powerful tools in the struggle for civil rights. He urged his followers to confront injustice through peaceful means, emphasizing the transformative power of love over hatred.

While King advocated for the end of racial segregation and discrimination, he consistently rejected the idea of responding to oppression with violence. He understood that a violent approach would only perpetuate a cycle of hatred and division. King firmly opposed any form of race wars or hostility between different racial or ethnic groups.

The race war fueled by the government is merely a tool to divide the public. This is why MLK was closely monitored by the US government, and his calls for unity ultimately led to his death. Governments need to keep the people divided to ensure we are weaker divided. Everyone is connected; we are all in this together.

Peaceful Resistance is Not Futile!