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Paris on Verge of Revolution?

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We have been getting readings in France keeping us up to date in this huge Pension Protest and many see this as rising tension toward Revolution. While politicians dump money into Ukraine with no accountability whatsoever, they turn on their own cities and tighten the economic screws.

Civil Unrest 2023

There is no question that Socrates has correctly forecast the rise in civil unrest. But this is just the first quarter. Things are going to get much worse. From April on, we are looking at rising volatility in many areas. The mega protest in Paris over the Pension Crisis has not even touched on the war that these people are planning as a distraction from the fiscal mismanagement.



The government will always paint protesters are violent. In the USA, the Democrats called the January 6th protest an “insurrection” when there were no guns. The prosecutors who are always against the people, want to imprison anyone in the building for 5 years just for being there. In Canada, the government called the truckers terrorists, and again they had no weapons. In Paris the government instructed the police that they ate there “to destroy, to injure and to kill” to make sure the police do not switch sides. When the police join the protester, as in Ukraine in 2014, the government falls. The same took place in Moscow during the coup and the military refused to shoot the people so the coup collapsed.

There is always a pattern where the government at the end of the day will always view the people as the ultimate enemy. As long as we remain quiet, pay our taxes, and go off to war when they order us to die on foreign soil, then they are happy. When people rise up, then there is a problem. Revolution is ONLY successful when the police/military support the people.