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Neil Young Fans Trying to force Spotify to remove ALL Conservative Commentary

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Neil Young Protest


I think it is time for a class-action lawsuit against Neil Young and his near-dead washed-up singer. He has intimidated Spotify to shut down conservative speech on Spotify acting more like communists and fascists than anyone in recent history. The government can not do what Young is doing. That violates everyone’s constitutional rights. He wants the Soviet Union where you are only allowed to listen to the state propaganda. He is the champion of Big Pharma and rejects that anything they do could possibly hurt people. Anyone who has lost a family member to vaccines has a grip with Neil Young.


Spotify has pulled more than 100 episodes now of Joe Rogan taking down not just anything to do with COVID, but all pre-COVID podcasts that had anything to do with conservative views. People will no doubt now retaliate against Young and we obviously now need a free speech platform and Spotify is showing their LEFTIST agenda. These people hate the Constitution and our freedom. Spotify stock has dropped 35% in one month. Many people are now divesting from any company that supports these leftists against our freedoms.

Armstrong Economics 2017 Cycles of War Report

Do any people wonder why our computer has been projecting rising civil unrest and war ahead? We can see now how those on the left are never content to just live their lives their way. They have to always demand that everyone else do as they demand. This is why there will be separation, civil wars, and international wars. It is just inevitable for it is impossible to live peacefully with people like Neil Young. The left always demands it is their way or no way.

Patrick Henry Quotes

The people who founded this country knew what tyranny was all about. They are at it against and determined to destroy our future and that of our children because it does not conform to the way they want the world to function.