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Lana Del Rey turn to Witchcraft to Get Rid of Trump While Protesters are the Pawns of Special Interests

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Del Ray Lana Tweet

The singer  Lana Del Rey is attempting to use witchcraft to remove Donald Trump from the Presidency. She Tweeted: “At the stroke of midnight, Feb 24, March 26, April 24, May 23… Ingredients can be found online.”

The cryptic message is all about witchcraft.  These dates line-up with the ‘waning crescent moon ritual dates’,  which are the dates that made headlines as members of the occult claimed they would perform ceremonies to rid the world of Donald Trump each time the event occurs. A representative for Del Rey confirmed to Pitchfork that the singer-songwriter’s tweet was in reference to the occult rituals.


Mainz Anti-Trump
Meanwhile, anti-Trump movement continues to be stirred up worldwide all about immigration calling him racist. These floats appeared in the carnival in Minz Parade.

Minz Polical Parade 2-27-2017
We have Iran now outright flexing its muscles after getting its cash back from Obama. The Iranian navy started on Sunday with military training under the name “Velayat 95” with submarines, war ships and helicopters all participating. They staged this deliberately in the waters of Bab al-Mandab up to the Strait of Hormuz. This is the world’s most important sea road for international oil and container trade. They also tested their Submarine Sea missiles “Nasr” and “Dehlaviyeh” to make it known that the controversy over the Strait of Hormuz is likely to worsen in the months ahead. Yet, these protesters call Trump racist?

These protests against Trump for putting a travel ban on countries that were declared terrorists states BEFORE Trump came to office by the Obama Administration is really puzzling. Trump had imposed travel sanctions against Iran and it appears that the Tehran government intends to violate UN resolutions and commitments deriving from the nuclear agreement with Obama. So why are these protests so anti-Trump over his travel restrictions when these countries are clearly not friendly? It just seems that this is a good ploy to get the youth protesting things they have absolutely no idea about for they are more interested in music that international news.

Even the Turkish government-oriented newspaper Yeni Şafak reported that the Iranian maneuver will increase tensions between Washington and Teheran. The Jerusalem Post reported that Iran seeks to rival the US Navy in the region. Last month, a US navy destroyer fired warning shots on four Iranian fast-attack ships near the Strait of Hormuz. Last year, the Iranian navy sailed around the African continent. This was their first venture into the Atlantic Ocean. Iran is hell-bent on becoming a military power in the Arab world and internationally.

Obama-SorosThese people who are protesting seem to be rather weak-minded for they are absolutely clueless that they are the pawns of the establishment trying so desperately to stop Trump from reforming their little club. They may claim to hate the special interests, yet the special interests are the very ones who are supporting and funding these protests. It was the Christian want-to-be bankers who funded the Protestant Reformation because Catholics could not lend money for interest under the sin of usury. The Catholic want-to-be-bankers funded the Protestant Reformation and that is where we officially draw the line for the start of capitalism – the birth of Christian banking. Here we have the exact same thing going on. The political elite are hiding in the shadows funding this entire movement. Obama, meanwhile, will reenter politics and get involved in rigging the voting lines so the Democrats can win back Congress.

These people protesting are egged on by the elites in the shadows and they are using this immigration issue to paint Trump as racist because the people protesting are far to naive to comprehend what is going on in the international stage. The real battle is freedom and reforming the powers-that-be, but these protesters cannot see the agenda behind the curtain. They have swallowed the bait, hock-line-and-sinker and are now simply the pawns of the elite hiding in the shadows.