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It All Depends on the Military

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Yeltsin Tank

QUESTION: Do you think we will enter a civil war?


ANSWER: I do not think that we will be in civil war, but we do have to understand if any state tries to succeed, it could turn to violence based on precedent. Everything will depend on the military. If they turn on the people, then yes. If they support the people, it can be a bloodless event like Yeltsin standing on the tank in 1991.

The computer shows that the nation is deeply divided, and we will see civil unrest post-2024 because this is spinning out of control. The Democrats are not unified, and neither are the Republicans, for that matter. We need reform, and that is what Washington is fighting against. The party is over. They have to realize it is time to clean the garbage in DC. This whole nonsense with Trump is trying to block him to maintain the status quo. It only divides the country.

Our future will be determined by the military, as in just about every situation throughout history.