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Huge Protests in Germany Against Government’s Lockdowns

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German Protests 5 16 2020

The German Press is starting to wake up at last after a period of just saying Yes mam! They have run the story that if we acted rationally, we could quickly overcome the consequences of the corona crisis. But politics is deliberately spreading panic among the population and stirring up fear – and in this way causes a severe economic crisis.

For today, the initiative “lateral thinking 711” announced a rally with 500,000 participants in Stuttgart have registered. But there are protests rising in Munich and Berlin. The number of people may reach 1 million.

The government is trying with the aid of most press to label these people as right-wing racists because they cannot address their actions on false forecasts. Meanwhile, unknown persons have set up a replica tombstone in front of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s (CDU) constituency office in Stralsund symbolizing her reign some call of Terror between the refugees and now the virus over-reaction has destroy their lib=vlihoods and their future.

Euro Cracking

On top of that, the rising resentment against the Eurozone control from Brussels has many wanting to kill the Euro and return to national currencies. I have warned that the cultural divides are far too great and this virus is being used for a total environmental reconstruction of the economy by sheer force. The lack of a transition or any planning whatsoever has cast the livelihoods and future of the world population is tremendous jeopardy and has drastically increased the outcome of our forecasts for not just the collapse of the Euro, but the rise in civil unrest and international war.

Trump has been advised that there is a tremendous risk rising of war. According to sources, the U.S. government is reportedly working to replace all industrial supply chains from China. This is a strategic move in light of rising tensions. But this has already been implemented by the global ban on travel and movement of commerce thanks to the Coronavirus scare worldwide. What Trump will be looking at is replacing those supply chains as they are closed at this moment.

This lockdown over the virus has destroyed the supply chains in so many areas because Gates and crew thought they could just destroy fossil fuels and rebuild without any consideration of how people make transitions for employment. During the Great Depression, it was the Dust Bowl that destroyed agricultural jobs and created the Hobo Movement because people had no income. This time it is Gates and he never considered what he was doing to society – only his Climate Change dream.


Even in the United States, we are witnessing rising civil unrest against UNCONSTITUTIONAL lockdowns. This is going to rise as we head into November and the Democratic states, like California, think if they oppress the people hard enough, they will blame Trump.