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Hope as Police Defend the Protesters in Austria

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COMMENT: Austria seems to have copied the Slovak tyranny.
Once commerce reopens in Austria, everyone will have to wear N95 masks, and in service-type establishments (hairdressers, etc) only those with a negative test certificate will be allowed entry. Also, kids will have to be tested twice a week in order for schools to reopen.

Slovakia has also set a similar condition for school opening that requires both kids and parents to be tested every week. Only if they are all negative will the kid be allowed in school. This also applies to pre-school (kindergarden) children.



REPLY: The police have crossed the line in support of the people. This is the HOPE we need to nurture. Every person you know who has a family that is a police officer, we need to turn them to support the people. Nuremberg is the exact example. Just following orders will not cut it when the tide turns against governments which it will.

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